Preventive maintenance of Cold Storage Room

1.0       OBJECTIVE:

To describe a procedure for the preventive maintenance of Cold Storage Room.

2.0       SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for preventive maintenance of Cold Storage Room


Assistant Engineer/Above – Engineering shall be responsible for implementation and compliance of

the Standard Operating Procedure.


Manager-Engineering / Manager-Production / Head-QA shall be accountable for implementation and compliance the procedure mentioned in this SOP.

5.0       ATTACHMENTS:

Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Cold Storage Room                                        -Attachment-I


6.1       Preparation of preventive maintenance plan:

  • Inform the concern person before starting preventive maintenance.
  • Ensure that no activities are carried out in the respective machine.
  • Ensure that the respective system electrical supply is switched “OFF”
  • Before carrying out the preventive maintenance display status board as “UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE” on the electrical panel and machine.


  • Check all the electrical terminals of main supply and machine for proper tightening.
  • Check the full load current in all phases of the motor.
  • Check and ensure the free rotation of the fan motor shaft.
    • Check the temperature controller for proper working.
    • Check the cold store for temperature limit between 2 to 8 deg Celsius.
    • Check the condenser motor and its fan for smooth rotation and balancing.
    • Check and ensure free flow of water in drain pipe line, clean with compressed air if pipeline is jammed and clean the tray with hot Water.

Check the condensing unit gas and its load.

  • Check any leakage in service valve of condenser.
  • Clean the whole unit externally with a dry cloth.
  • Clean the grills with dry cloth.
  • Check & ensure no vibration from the system.

Start and run the machine in auto/manual mode.

Check and observe the machine for proper working.

  • After completion of the above procedure remove the “UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE” status board from the machine and the respective electrical panel.
  • Affix the Preventive Maintenance Status on machine as per Attachment– I of SOP/EN/003
  • Update the status label of the machine after the completion of preventive maintenance.
  • After performing the preventive maintenance activity of machine, respective area supervisor shall check and note the details on respective Equipment Sequential Log Book.

6.7       Junior Engineer/ above shall record the activity in respective attachment of SOP for Maintenance of

            Cold Storage Room. (SOP/EN/078).


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