SOP For Receiving of Raw Material and Packing Material


To lay down a procedure for receiving of Raw material & Packing Material.

  • SCOPE :

This SOP is applicable for receipt of raw material & packing material to warehouse


3.1           Officer – Warehouse shall be responsible for receipt of raw material & packing material.

3.2          Officer – QC Department shall be responsible for sampling, analysis & approval of RM & PM


4.1           Manager Warehouse & QA Head shall be accountable for implementation of this SOP.


Security register for incoming Material Raw & Packing Material              -Attachment-I

Challan / Bill                                                                                                          -Attachment-II

Check List for Received RM/PM                                                                       -Attachment-III

Material Receipt and Inspection Note for RM/PM (MRIN)                      -Attachment-IV

Intimation for Inspection and Sampling of Received Material (RM/PM) -Attachment-V

Stock Register for Raw Material/Packing Material                                      -Attachment-VI

    • Security personnel shall receive and make entries in ‘Security Register for Incoming material as per Attachment-I and shall stamp at the back side of the Invoice / Delivery Challan with serial number, date and signature.
    • The security personnel shall inform the concerned warehouse personnel by telecom regarding the receipt of material.
    • Warehouse personnel shall verify the following against the purchase order and delivery Challan/ invoice.
      • Name of material
      • Quantity of material
      • Delivery Location
    • The material shall be unloaded from the vehicle under supervision of warehouse personnel to material receipt area.
    • The Warehouse personnel shall perform checking for received material in terms of physical appearance as per Annexure No. VI.
    • In addition to above the following checks shall be performed and filled the checklist as per Attachment-III.
  • In case, the raw material is found shortage after verification, Intimation shall be generated from the Officer or above warehouse related to shortage of received material intimating to Head Warehouse.
  • If there is any abnormality in the consignment of RM & PM, the same shall be sent back to the manufacturer/supplier, along with Challan having the stamp of ‘Gate Pass Returnable / Non-Returnable’ as per Annexure No: II detailing the reason for return.
  • The materials received in open condition shall not be accepted.
    • If any discrepancy found in printed packaging material, the material shall be destroyed in the presence of the manufacturer/supplier or prior information shall be forwarded to manufacturer / supplier in case of non-availability of manufacturer / supplier.
    • For damaged consignment, a damage certificate or any inappropriate document shall be obtained from the transporter before receiving the material.
  • A copy of the document shall be sent to purchase department for settlement of claim, if applicable, from the insurance or supplier.
  • Head-Warehouse/designee shall further forward the same to purchase department after due authorization.
  • After above mentioned verification if material is found satisfactory then received materials shall be stored on pallets.
    • Clean and de-dust all the received material.
    • After cleaning, the material shall be shifted to Quarantine area and kept storage after verifying the required storage conditions (if applicable) as mentioned on the manufacturer label or as per in-house specification.
    • Ware house personnel shall prepare and affix Quarantine label to each container as per SOP on status labeling.
    • Warehouse personnel shall prepare the Material receipt and Inspection Note (MRIN) by making all required entries as mentioned in respective Package format, specimen for Package system format is described as per Attachment-III.
    • A request of ‘intimation for inspection and sampling of received material (RM/PM)’ as per annexure no. V shall be forwarded to QC department and notifying the specification reference for sampling, testing and approval of the received material.
    • On receipt of Requisition from ware house, QC personal shall check the Requisition and sample the RM/PM as per SOP.
    • On completion of analysis of received material by QC, the Manager QC shall approve/reject/hold the received RM as per SOP.
    • After approval/reject/hold by , QC personnel shall forward Approval Certificate of RM/PM with status of material (approved/reject/hold) to ware house and the warehouse personnel shall retained within department for further future reference.
    • QC personnel shall affix the concerned label on the RM/PM accordingly.
    • Subsequently the approved material issuance for manufacturing, reconciliation and exact stock (final stock) details shall be entered in Package system, specimen for Package system format is described under Stock Register for Raw Material/Packing Material as per Attachment-VI.



SOP-           Standard Operating Procedure

QA-            Quality Assurance.

QC-             Quality Control

WH-            Warehouse

MRIN-        Material Receipt and Inspection Note

RM-            Raw Material

PM-             Packing Material



Quality Assurance

Quality Control




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