• To lay down the procedure for cleaning of building premises.
    • This procedure is applicable for cleaning of entire Premises (Production, Administration office, Utility, Security, Panel room, Change rooms, Toilets, Stairs, and Corridors, and outside areas including roads and garden)
    • House Keeping Supervisor/ Housekeeper shall be responsible for the cleaning of Building Premises.
    • Officer Personnel & Administration.
    • Manager Personnel & Administration.
    • ManagerConcerned Department.
    • ManagerPersonnel & Administration.
    • Use the house keeping aids such as normal brooms, nylon brooms, floor and wall wipers, moping cloth for floor cleaning.
    • Use Colin for glass cleaning.
    • Use Teepol solution or Harpic for wash basins and toilets.
    • Use cloth dusters for dry cleaning of door frames, window panes, light fixtures, walls, partitions, sealing.
    • Use Phenyl, Dettol, Savlon as disinfectant.
    • Carry out the cleaning and sanitation activities of premises as per the frequencies like daily, weekly and fortnightly with proper concentration as per prescribed by QA General SOP ‘Disinfectant usage policy in the plant’.
    • The daily cleaning activities shall be done in all the above mentioned areas are as follows:
    • Floor cleaning:
      • Sweep the floor of manufacturing or related area with nylon broom in such a manner that dust contamination in the surroundings is minimum.
      • Mop the floor thoroughly with a moping cloth soaked in solution of disinfectant in Water.
      • Mop the gallery area and packing halls using 2.5 % solution of floor cleaner.
      • Perform floor cleaning as per the requirement but at least two times a day.

5.9    Glass panes and mirrors:

5.9.1      Clean the glass panes and mirrors using clean dry cloth.

5.9.2      Spray the glass cleaning agents on glass panes.

5.9.3      Clean the window panes with clean cloth.

5.9.4      Glass pane cleaning has to be done as and when required but at least twice in a day.

  • Door & window frames :
    • Dedust with clean cloth.
    • Clean the door and window frames with wet cloth soaked in water.
    • Finally clean them with dry cloth.
    • Clean the doors and window frames twice in a day.


  • Light Fixtures:
    • Only outside cleaning of light fixtures has to be done by housekeeping personnel.
    • Switch off the light that has to be cleaned.
    • Clean the light fixture softly with dry cloth.
    • The light fixtures have to be cleaned once in fifteen days
    • If inside cleaning of glass fixtures is required the same has to be communicated to manager engineering. Manager engineering deputes an electrician for doing the same.
  • Drains Points:
    • Clean the drain points fortnightly.
    • Open the coverage of drain points.
    • Clean the drains with water and brush if required.
    • Check for any type of insects, cockroaches inside the drain point if found inform the pest control person immediately.
    • Wash the drain points using phenyl solution or disinfectant solution.
    • Maintain the record of all activities in General Cleaning Record as per format no.

5.13  Toilets:

5.13.1    Use the house keeping aids such as toilet brush, wipers, moping cloth for floor cleaning.

  • Use Harpic, Acid, Teepol for cleaning of basins, sinks, pots and urinals.
  • Use Phenyl, Dettol and Savlon as disinfectant.
  • Use Odonil and naphthalene balls as air freshener.
  • Carry out the cleaning and sanitation activities of toilets as per the requirement but at least twice a day.
  • Clean the basins, urinals and pots with water.
  • Apply the harpic, teepol or acid as per the requirement to the basin, urinal or pots of toilet and keep the same applied for two to three minutes.
  • Apply the toilet brush or scrubber.
  • Pour plenty of water and clean the surface.
  • Put naphthalene balls in the urinals.
  • Check and replace the air fresheners if required.
  • Carry out the cleaning activities as and when required but at least twice a day
  • Record all the activities in Toilet Cleaning Record as per Format No. MML/PA-001/FT02-00

6.1    SOP      –   Standard Operating Procedure

6.2    PA        –   Personnel & Administration

6.3    FT         –   Format

6.4    NA        –   Not Applicable

7.0    FORMAT

Sr. No. Title  Format No.
7.1 General Cleaning Record
7.2 Toilet Cleaning Record







Revision No. Date of Revision CC No. Reason for Revision
00 New SOP



Sr. No. Copy No. Department
1. 01 Quality Assurance
2. 01a Quality Assurance
3. 02a Quality Control
4. 03a Production (Formulation)
5. 04a Production (Packing)
6. 05a Engineering & Utility
7. 06 Personnel & Administration
8. 06a Personnel & Administration
9. 07 Warehouse
10. 08 Director-Technical