SOP For Cleaning of  Water Storage Tanks

SOP For Cleaning of Water Storage Tanks

    • To describe a procedure for the cleaning of water storage tank.
    • This SOP is applicable for cleaning of water storage tank at ( Name of Company )
    • Supervisor/Above – Engineering
    • Manager – Engineering
    • Close the inlet valve of the water storage tanks and disconnect from supply to all user points.
    • Remove water from the tank with the help of water pump or manually. Visually ensure that the tank is empty.
    • Enter into the tank through manhole using ladder.
    • Scrub the tank inner walls and floor with scrubber.
    • Clean the walls and floor with potable water.
    • After rinsing the inner surface of the tanks with the potable water twice, remove remaining water by using clean cloth or lint free mop.
    • After completion of cleaning come out of storage tank.
    • Fill the storage tank by running water system for approximately half an hour.
    • Open the outlet valve and discard approximately initial 500 liters of water to waste water storage tank or drain.
    • Record the cleaning details in the water storage tank cleaning record as per the format SCT/EN-001/FT02
    • For purified water storage, after cleaning SWITCH ON the UV System allow the tank to fill with purified water, note the burning time of UV systems and other details in the format SCT/EN-001/FT01
    • SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
  •                    :  Number
  •           UV : Ultraviolet
  •          lts :   Litres
  •           FORMAT
Sr. No. Title Format No.
7.1 UV Light Burning Record
7.2 Water Storage Tank Cleaning Record


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1. 01 Quality Assurance
3. 02 Engineering Department