SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Bacteriological Incubator

1.0       OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a standard procedure for operation and cleaning of Bacteriological Incubator.

2.0       SCOPE:

This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for the Bacteriological Incubator located in Incubation room of Microbiological Section of Quality Control                   department.

Instrument I.D.:

Make                  :


            Microbiologist shall be responsible to follow the procedure mention in this SOP.


Department Head & QA Head shall be accountable for effective implementation of this SOP.

5.0       ATTACHMENTS:

Daily temperature monitoring record of Bacteriological incubator       – Attachment-I

Cleaning record of bacteriological incubator                                              – Attachment-II

Bacteriological Incubator usage Record                                                      – Attachment-III

6.0       PROCEDURE:

6.1           Operating procedure:

6.1.1        Ensure that the incubator is properly connected to the power supply.

6.1.2        Switch “ON” the main switch and then the cabinet switch, the indicator will glow green, red and

green, respectively.

6.1.3        Set the required temperature on digital display by pressing the set button along with arrow button up

to increase the temperature/down to decrease the temperature.

6.1.4        Observe the temperature shown on the digital display. The temp. Should not differ by ±2°C.

6.1.5       After achieving the desired temperature keep the samples inside the bacteriological incubator on S.S.

tray and close the door firmly.

6.1.6        Record the temperature of Bacteriological Incubator as per attachment-I.

6.1.7        Report any discrepancy observed during operation or temperature monitoring, to QC Manager.

6.1.8        Inform to Engineering Department for rectification and put the status label of ‘Under Maintenance.’

6.2           General cleaning procedure:     

6.2.1        Internal cleaning:     Switch ‘OFF’ the mains of the incubator.     Disconnect the plug of the equipment.     Open the door of the incubator and transfer the material into other incubator of equal temperature.     Take out the trays from the incubator and place it in a safe place.     With the help of lint free cloth and disinfectant or 70% of IPA clean the entire internal surface of the

incubator.     Clean the trays and then keep the trays and the material back into the incubator.     Use the disinfectant for cleaning on rotation basis and maintained the record in the cleaning record of

incubator as per attachment-II.     Connect the plug of the equipment and switch ‘ON’ the power supply.     Cleaning Frequency: Once in a week.

6.2.2        External cleaning:     Clean the external surface of incubator using a lint free cloth with 70% IPA every day.     Cleaning Frequency: Daily

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SOP : Standard operating procedure

CC No.        : Change Control number

°C    : Degree Celsius

IPA : Isopropyl Alcohol

QA  : Quality Assurance

QC: Quality Control


Quality Assurance Department

Quality Control Department


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