SOP For Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Laboratory

SOP For Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Laboratory

1.0       OBJECTIVE:

To lay down a standard procedure for cleaning and sanitization of microbiology Laboratory.

2.0       SCOPE:

This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the personnel working in Microbiology Section and technical staff of Microbiology section.


            Microbiologist shall be responsible to follow the procedure mention in this SOP.


Department Head & QA Head shall be accountable for effective implementation of this SOP.

5.0       ATTACHMENTS:

Schedule of cleaning and disinfection of Microbiology Laboratory                        –Attachment-I

Record of disinfectant preparation                                                                                 –Attachment-II

Daily cleaning and disinfection of microbiology Laboratory                                    –Attachment-III

Disinfection record of walls and ceiling                                                                         –Attachment-IV

Daily cleaning and disinfection record of Doors and glass windows                       –Attachment-V

6.0       PROCEDURE:

6.1           Safety precautions:

6.1.1        Use proper safety apparels such as gowns, rubber hand gloves and safety goggles during preparations

and use of disinfectants.

6.1.2        Always add disinfectant to water while diluting.

  • Disinfectant Solution used:
  • 5% Dettol
  • 5% Bacillocid
  • 3% Savlon
    • Sanitizer:
  • 70% IPA (for LAF and hand sanitization )
  • Cleaning agent:
  • 1% Teepol solution
  • Colin ( For cleaning of glass doors and windows)
    • Procedure for preparation of disinfectant solution:
  • Prepare the volume of disinfectant according to the use and record the details.
    • 5% Dettol (for 1 liter):
  • Take 500ml of purified water add 25ml of Dettol and make-up volume to 975 ml with purified water.
  • Mix well and use within a day.

6.4.2  0.5% Bacillocid (for 1 Liter):

  • Take 500ml of water add 5ml of Bacillocid and make-up volume to 1000 ml with purified water.
  • Mix well and use within a day.

6.4.3    3% Savlon  (for 1 Liter):

  • For 1 liter preparation, take 30ml of Savlon in 970ml of purified water.
  • Mix well and use within a day.

6.5        General instructions:

6.5.1        Perform the cleaning operation in the following order:

6.5.2        Sterility Testing Room, MLT Room, Corridor I, Change Rooms, Incubation Room, Autoclave

room/media Preparation room, Documentation Room, Corridor II

6.5.3        All disinfectant solutions shall be prepared freshly.

6.5.4        Use purified water for preparing disinfectant solutions.

6.5.5        Use clean dusters for cleaning.

6.5.6        Use disinfectant solutions alternately on scheduled basis.

6.5.7        Do not use expired disinfectant solution.

6.5.8        Rotate the disinfectant use to avoid the development of resistance by microorganism.

6.6           Daily cleaning and disinfection procedure:

6.6.1        Before starting the work and after completion of day’s work, clean the floor with 0.1% teepol solution

using non shedding duster.

6.6.2        Mop the area in uni-direction.

6.6.3        Subsequently mop the floor using non shredding wiping mop dipped in the disinfectant.

6.6.4        After every mopping clean the non shredding wiping mops in purified water. Then again dip in the

scheduled disinfectant and use.

6.6.5        Frequency: Twice a day

6.6.6        Inspect and ensure the cleanliness of the area and record the details of cleaning and disinfection in attachment-I of daily cleaning record.

6.7           Cleaning of doors, walls, glass windows and ceiling:

6.7.1        Clean the walls and ceiling with dry non-fiber shedding mop dipped in any one of the disinfectant solution.

6.7.2        Frequency: Once in a week

6.7.3        Clean the glass doors and windows with Colin.

6.7.4        Frequency: Once in a day

6.7.5        Inspect and ensure the cleanliness of the area and record the details.

7.0       REFERENCES:



SOP: Standard operating procedure

°C     : Degree Celsius

IPA : Isopropyl Alcohol

QA  : Quality Assurance

QC  : Quality Control


Quality Assurance Department

Quality Control Department


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