S.NO.                      TESTS                     SPECIFICATIONS
1. Description Clear, colorless and odorless liquid
2. pH Between 6.0 to 8.5
3. Total Hardness NMT 1000 ppm
4. Total Dissolved Solids NMT 800 ppm
5. Chloride NMT 250 ppm
6. Sulphate The appearance of the solution does not change for at least 1 hour
7. Heavy Metals The color produced with the test solution is not more intense than that produced with that standard solution
8. Microbial Limit Test
a)Total Aerobic Microbial count NMT 500 cfu/ml
b)Yeast and Moulds NMT 10 cfu/ml
c)Specific pathogens


E. Coli Should be absent
Salmonella Should be absent
S. aureus Should be absent
P. aeruginosa Should be absent