Cleaning Procedure of Pre, Fine and Return Riser Filters

Cleaning Procedure of Pre, Fine and Return Riser Filters


To describe a procedure for the Cleaning of Pre, Fine and Return Riser Filters.

  • SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for Cleaning of Pre, Fine and Return Riser Filters


Assistant Engineer/Above shall be responsible for implementation and compliance of this SOP.


Manager – Engineering / Manager – Production / Head – QA shall be accountable for implementation and compliance the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


Filter to be cleaned                                                                         -Attachment-I

Cleaned filter status label                                                               -Attachment-II

Cleaning of Pre, Fine and Return Riser Filters                              – Attachment-III

Filter Change/ Replace Log Sheet                                                  -Attachment-IV



6.1       All the filter i.e. Pre Filter , Fine Filter and Return Riser shall be cleaned as per Frequency for

filter cleaning.

  • Ensure that no manufacturing, packing etc. activity is going on in relevant area.
  • Ensure that the respective System is switched off.
  • Display the board as “Under Filter Cleaning” on Air handling units.
  • Wear nose mask and hand gloves.
  • Take out the filters carefully from the filter frame.
  • Put the filter in the polythene bag and close the mouth of poly bag with tie belt.
  • Affix the status label on ploy bag as per Attachment- I for proper identification.
  • Transfer the filter to filter cleaning area.
  • Put the filter on filter cleaning stand.
  • Rinse the filter thoroughly with water from both sides.
  • Apply compressed air on filter from opposite side of suction, till the filter surface is free from

traces of powder, particles and fibers etc.

  • Transfer the filter for drying in a designated room.
  • Visually inspect the filter for any damage. If any damage observed replace the filter with new one and maintain the record in Filter Change/ Replace Log Sheet as per Format No. SOP/EN/091/F04-00.
  • After drying pack the filter in fresh polythene bag with proper identification as per Attachment- II
  • Fix the filter carefully in respective filter frame and remove the “Under Filter Cleaning board” from Air handling units.
  • Record the cleaning details in Filter Cleaning Record by put tick mark √ ( a as per Format No,        SOP/EN/091/F03-00
  • All the pre and fine filters shall be replaced once in every 1 year or whenever required as per condition of filters and record as per Format No, SOP/EN/091/F03-00
  • Compressed Air pressure for filter cleaning shall be not more than 3.0 kg/cm2and not less than

2.0 kg/cm2.            

Sr.No. Filter Size Micron Frequency
1. Pre-filter 10µ 7+ 2 Days
2. Fine-filter 7 + 2 Days
3. Fresh Air Filter 20µ 7 + 2 Days or Product Change over
4. F.B.D Filter 7 + 2 Days or Product Change over
5. Return Riser Air Filter Daily  or Product Change over
6. Tray Drier Filter 10µ For Nightly



SOP    : Standard Operating Procedure

Engg.   : Engineering

PLC    : Programmable Logic Controller

FBD    : Fluid Bed Dryer


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