Preventive Maintenance of Sugar Syrup Preparation/Water Heating Tanks


To describe a procedure for the Preventive maintenance of Sugar Syrup Preparation/Water Heating Tanks in Liquid Processing.

  • SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for Preventive maintenance of Sugar Syrup Preparation/Water Heating Tanks in Liquid Processing


      Assistant Engineer/Above shall be responsible for implementation and compliance of the SOP.


Manager-Engineering / Manager-Production / Head-QA shall be accountable for implementation and compliance the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


            Preventive maintenance checklist of  Sugar Syrup Preparation/Water Heating Tanks   – Attachment -I

    • Preparation of preventive maintenance plan:
      • Inform the concern person before starting preventive maintenance.
      • Ensure that no activities are carried out in the respective machine.
      • Ensure that the respective system electrical supply is switched “OFF”
      • Before carrying out the preventive maintenance display status board as “UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE” on the electrical panel and machine.
    • Quarterly
    • Check all electrical terminals of main supply and main panel for any loose wires.
    • Check the main panel for proper earthing.
    • Check dual starter buttons for proper working. Clean carbon of contactor and relay
    • Check Heater connections for proper working .Tight connections of heaters. Replace the heater if found damaged.
    • Check heater gaskets for any leakages, replace if required.
    • Check lifting pump and motor assembly for proper working. Check impeller and motor shaft for alignment. Check seal of pump for leakages.
    • Check gear box and motor assembly of stirrer for proper working. Top up gear oil , if required.
    • Check and lubricate bearings and nut bolts for wear and tear where applicable.
    • Start and run the machine in Auto/Manual mode.
    • Check and observe the machine for its normal working.
  • After completion of the above procedure remove the “UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE” status board from the machine and the respective electrical panel.
  • Affix the Preventive Maintenance Status on machine as per Attachment – I of SOP/EN/003
  • Update the status label of the machine after the completion of preventive maintenance.
  • After performing the preventive maintenance activity of machine, respective area supervisor shall check and note the details on respective Equipment Sequential Log Book.

6.8       Junior Engineer/ above shall record the activity in respective attachment of SOP for Maintenance of

            Sugar Syrup Preparation/Water Heating Tank (SOP/EN/064).





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