SOP For Procedure of Building Maintenance


To describe a procedure of Building Maintenance.

  • SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable at the time of Building maintenance

    • Assistant Engineer/Above – Engineering shall be responsible for implementation and compliance of the Standard Operating Procedure.
    • Manager – Engineering / Manager –Production /Head-QA shall be accountable for implementation and compliance of the Standard Operating Procedure.

Building Maintenance Request Note                                      Attachment-I

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    • The maintenance of building shall cover maintenance of walls, windows, window panes, glazing, ceiling, tops of rooms, passages, staircase, partitions etc. of production, administration, utility, QC, Warehouse and outside premises, roads, gardens etc.
    • Building Maintenance:
      • The following procedure will need to be adopted for effective control of building conditions and to initiate their maintenance.
      • Routine rounds will be taken by Head – QA and Head – Maintenance weekly giving adequate weightage to the conditions of the building.
      • Maintenance of walls of premises shall cover painting, repairing if required.
      • Where they are painted (otherwise than with washable water paint) or varnished, be repainted or re-varnished at least once in every period of five years.
      • Where they are painted or varnished or where they have smooth impervious surfaces, be cleaned at least once in period of six months.
      • In any other case be kept whitewashed or color washed, the whitewashing or color washing must be carried once in a period of twelve months.
      • Toilets, change rooms and canteen should be painted after every six months.
      • The visible crack or crevices in the wall, ceiling or doors shall be treated on urgent basis and immediately repaired.
      • The roof will be checked for any abnormalities & be reported to civil department for rectification.
      • Glass panes will be checked for breakages.
      • Damages will be assessed regularly after a storm.
      • Drain condition will be inspected.
      • Any seepage or leakage from the pipelines/utility lines shall also be treated on urgent basis and shall be repaired by engineering department without any delay.
      • Pavement along the side road, any potholes if developed shall be repaired.
      • Security gate, water tank and transformer area will be inspected.
      • Any requirement for repair or maintenance activity shall be requested in “Building Maintenance Request Note” Format No. SOP/EN/004/F01-00 (as Duplicate Note/ Slip Pad)
    • After completion of the repair or Maintenance activity, the record shall be maintained in “Building Maintenance Log” Format No. SOP/EN/004/F02-00.
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